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It’s a New Year with many new opportunities and challenges.

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Lets stat the year with a financial planning process.  We can identify your goals and set targets to meet them.

Firstly, we will talk about your financial objectives and requirements to decide the way forward.

The financial planner will ask questions and discuss your planning needs with you.

Next, we will have to assess your financial situation.  A thorough analysis of your existing financial situation is important to design a meaningful plan for you.

The third step is preparing a financial plan.

Your financial planner will provide you with written recommendations or a proposal about how to invest or insure yourself, based on your needs.

Lastly comes the Implementation. Once you’re happy with the financial planner’s recommendations, he/she will implement your financial plan with the investment, savings or insurance-based solutions you agreed on.

Remember, your financial needs will change as your life changes.  That is why we build a relationship with all our clients and meet up regularly.

At Ultrafin we strive to always give the best advice for all our clients. Contact us to start with your financial planning process.

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