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3 Reasons to Consider a Financial Advisor

by | Sep 23, 2020 | Blog, Financial Adviser | 0 comments

A financial advisor can help you at any point, whether you are just starting out and wanting to start managing your finances early or you are reaching a point where you want to begin getting more from your money. The current global economy has taken a beating thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, making it highly important to take control over your finances. In this guide, we share some of the biggest benefits of working with a financial advisor.

Why Consider a Financial Advisor?

From proactive savings to retirement planning and investment planning, working with a financial advisor offers a number of benefits. Here’s how an advisor can help you manage your finances more efficiently.

1. Manage your savings.

For many South Africans, saving seems like an impossible goal. Without expert help and insight, it can be very challenging to know how best to start saving. An advisor will work with you, not only helping you identify ways to save but also helping you reduce spending, budget more effectively and manage your current funds in a sustainable, realistic way.

2. Prepare for retirement.

If you have not begun to think about retirement, you are not alone. Far too many only start to consider retirement late in life. Those who have a built-in annuity from work have some security, however even this type of policy is not always enough to comfortably retire. Ideally, you want to start planning as early as possible. Even if you are only starting now, getting help from an experienced advisor is essential to know what to do, what not to do, where to put your money, and how to proceed.

3. Identify investment opportunities.

Last, but not least, an advisor will also help you find and take advantage of investment opportunities that will allow you to grow your income. Opportunities could range from property to stocks and bonds or any other investment that has potential. For the average person, investment is confusing, with many things to take into account. Working with an experienced advisor gives you the benefit of in-depth knowledge and a comprehensive understanding of current market shifts. 

Ultrafin offers a range of financial services that are backed by highly skilled advisors. Get in touch with us today to find out more about working with a financial advisor.

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