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20 Things that will make your life easier when moving

by | Nov 18, 2016 | Blog, Insurance | 0 comments

Moving is one of the most difficult things you’ll ever do. Most people feel the stress build from the moment the decision is made and the first box is packed. Find out how to cope with the move, with tips and suggestions for the whole family.

So, to help you reduce your stress during a move, check out these useful tips and suggestions to ensure your move is as serene as it can be.

  • Decluttering: Before you start packing, take a good look around and get rid of whatever you don’t need by selling or donating items.
  • Storage: If your new home can’t fit your canoe or if you are planning renovations, book storage in advance or ask friends for temporary storage.
  • Back-up packers: Start about a month before you move and get friends to help out – they don’t get distracted and will pack with a purpose.
  • Range of packing materials: If you are packing yourself, you will always need more materials than you think. Stock up on boxes, bags, plastic crates, black bags, black markers, tape and bubble wrap.
  • Acid-free paper: Be careful of using newspaper as the ink transfers onto items. Rather source acid-free paper.
  • Fragile stickers: To remind yourself and movers that there are breakables inside.
  • Wardrobe boxes: A much easier way to move clothes, you keep everything on hangers and then simply move garments straight into a wardrobe.
  • Inventory: You’ll need to know where everything is so make your own inventory list, e.g. corresponding to certain rooms or numbered boxes.
  • Plotting the furniture: You’ll have to direct movers on the day on where to put what. Make paper cut outs of large pieces of furniture and put them down in your new house to see where they will fit best.
  • Cooler boxes – or dinner party? It’s a pain to move fresh food so if you can consume it before moving day, it will make life easier!
  • Extra insurance: Smaller removal companies don’t offer transit insurance so for peace of mind, it’s your responsibility to take out cover for that day.
  • Parking and access: If you are moving into a flat, speak to the body corporate beforehand about parking arrangements. If your flat is higher than the 10th floor and there is no special lift, you might need a special crane.
  • Pet- and babysitting: You don’t want kids and pets around on moving day so organise entertainment for them and pet boarding if necessary.
  • Something important: Murphy’s Law – you’ll suddenly need your passport. Or a specific photo album. Or a favourite pair of shoes. Remember to label everything carefully.
  • User manuals & remote controls: Make sure these are packed last so that you’ll know how to set up your TV. Appliances like washing machines will be reconnected by reputable movers.
  • Plastic sheeting or blankets: If you’ve had your new home cleaned, you’ll want to protect carpets from grubby shoe prints.
  • Moving assistant: Who’s locking up at the previous house and who’s showing the removal staff where to put what? Get one or two friends to help you on the day.
  • Sleep: As with anything stressful in your life, try to cut down on social and work commitments near moving day, eat well and rest – you’ll need it!
  • Supplies: Scope out your new neighbourhood in advance to see where you can stock up on groceries or takeaways, as you won’t feel like cooking.
  • Installations: If you can’t be without DSTV for a minute, book your installation for the following day – not on your moving day.

Tip: Try to move between the 6th and 23rdof the month – fees can be up to 20% cheaper than end of month rates.

Make sure your insurance is in order when moving.  Feel free to contact the Ultrafin team for more information.



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