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The Right Time for Life Insurance

by | Jul 3, 2015 | Blog, Insurance | 0 comments

Life insurance is a subject that is rarely welcome at dinner parties as light conversation.  The mere thought of receiving insurance quotes can quickly turn into years of procrastination.  It is time to ditch the queasy thought of death often associated with purchasing life insurance.

Savings Benefits

Life insurance quotes on whole life insurance can be a welcome surprise when you are young and healthy.  Premiums are far cheaper than waiting until middle age creeps up. The 18 to 25 year-old crowd have learned a huge lesson from their baby boomer parents.  Save, save, save, and you will never want for needed funds in the future.  Whole life insurance not only offers a locked-in price for premiums, but also affords the ability to borrow against stocked up money.

Newborns Need Insurance Too

Term policies are a popular way to protect the cost of funeral expenses of a child.  While this decision may seem cold, it is a reality.  The price of funeral expenses can exceed R10,000, not to mention the time off work and counseling sessions often needed.  On the other hand, receiving life insurance quotes on Universal Life Insurance policies can provide a good approach to your child’s future by having a cash value working toward their future. Unexpected medical bills, college tuition, or a graduation gift of future earnings can make you feel secure about giving your child a head start in life.

Face it, no one wants to deal with the subject of life insurance, ever.  However, receiving life insurance quotes does not mean than you are looking toward future demise.  It simply means that you are using your head to plan for a future that will ultimately occur.  Turn an expected, or unexpected life event into a security blanket and a way to prosper by looking at your options early in life.  Children grow, the economy changes, but an original choice in life insurance will stay the same.  Regardless if you are a new parent or a college graduate just beginning a new career, never forget that life insurance is a must have for future goals and necessary funding.

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