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Who Needs Life Insurance?

by | Dec 11, 2014 | Blog, Insurance | 0 comments

There are some people who think that they have no need of life insurance. After all, they do not have families to think about, and they tend to carry very little debt. Others have the idea that they have enough tangible assets to take care of whatever expenses may still be around when they pass away. If you happen to fall in to one of these categories, it pays to rethink your strategy and realize that everyone can use some form of life cover as part of their financial planning.

End of Life Medical Expenses

Even if you have excellent cover for your medical needs, will that plan cover every possible expense? Think of how much it could cost if you had some sort of extended illness and those benefits were more or less exhausted at the time you passed away. Would your loved ones have the resources needed to pay the remainder without having to sell the home or part with other assets that you wanted them to keep? Unless you can answer in the affirmative, then you need a life insurance policy or two. Even something as simple as a fixed-term plan will include enough life cover to make a difference in their financial well being.

Something for the Future

Life insurance is not all about covering the debts you leave behind. It is also about ensuring that your loved ones have the resources they need to adjust to life without you being around. How would the house payment be made if you were not there to make enough money to cover that monthly debt? Would your family need to give up the home and find another place to live? You can prevent this from happening by securing enough life insurance to keep the family going for a year or so after your death. That provides a cushion of time to make the adjustments they need to soldier on without you.

Life insurance is not a luxury for the well to do. The right amount of life cover, and the selection of the right beneficiaries, will go a long way in providing for those that mean the most to you. Do not put off the task any longer. Start comparing options for life insurance today. With a little planning and the judicious selection of one or more life insurance policies, you can make sure that your loved ones have the financial resources needed to carry on.

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