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Why Does Life Insurance Costs Differ From One Person to the Next?

by | Dec 18, 2014 | Blog, Insurance | 0 comments

When it comes to securing life insurance, one of the first things you will notice is that even fixed-term plans will come with different rates for different people. There are a few reasons why companies that offer life insurance plans will charge different rates based on the information they collect. In most cases, those differences in rates have to do with the amount of risk that the insurance provides is assuming in order to do business with the client.

Life Expectancy

Determining the amount of the life insurance premium will often focus on projecting the life expectancy of the person who is applying for the cover. Even with fixed-term plans, there is the need to consider factors such as the age and gender of the applicant, and his or her location. Whole life plans will often want more details, such as information about any chronic conditions the applicant may possess, lifestyle habits such as smoking, participating in certain types of hobbies, and the type of work that the applicant does.

All these factors can have some impact on how long the applicant is likely to live. Since life insurance companies do seek to generate some amount of return for the policies they offer, they will offer lower premiums to those who are considered prime candidates. It just makes sense that someone who is a little younger, works in a field that is relatively free from dangerous situations, and happens to be in the best of health will be able to receive a lower premium.

By contrast, someone who is older, works in a profession that places them in risky situations from time to time, and happens to engage in hobbies like sky diving would be considered a greater risk. The latter would tend to pay a higher premium than the former.

While all life insurance providers will have internal formulas they use to determine rates for people who are of a certain age and have a certain set of life factors, there is still room for some difference between what each of those providers would charge for life insurance. By choosing to work with a financial service like, it is possible to identify providers who have the type of life insurance you want at the most competitive rates. Taking the time to compare rates and the benefits associated with each plan will make it all the easier to find something that is affordable and will protect your loved ones after you pass away.

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